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To: Multiple recipients of list wreckdiver <>
From: RDecker388@ao*.co*
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 15:23:42 EST
Subject: Re: Pony Bottle mounting help needed.

      The simplest method of dealing with a pony bottle has to be to sling it 
like on would a stage bottle.  Doing so requires little hardware/additional 
expense, allows the diver to hand the bottle up before climbing the ladder in 
rough conditions and eliminates most concerns about entanglement hazard.  
Additionally, it places the bottle in a position where it's easy to spot a 
leak and allows easy access to the valve for turning the bottle on and off.

     As the purpose of a pony bottle is to serve as a redundant source of gas 
in an out of air emergency (and that is truely it's only purpose, it is not 
for extending dive time), the need for an SPG on the bottle is debateable.  
The key is to insure that the bottle is full before entring the water.  As 
the only reason for using the bottle would be in an emergency, how much air 
is available is a moot issue.  The addition of extra hoses, octo's and SPGs 
to a pony bottle serves little purpose other than to clutter up the 

     If you decide to go with a tank mount, I'd suggest using something 
realitively universal, such as an "X bracket," or "bag."  Preferably you 
should be able to access the mount while diving to ditch the bottle if the 
need should arise.  Upside mounting of Bail-out bottles has never 
particularly appealed to me.

Hope this helps,

Bob D.

In a message dated 99-12-06 14:45:07 EST, you write:

<< Hi 
 I would like some good advice on pony bottle mounting.
 First let me describe the situation. I have a Tek bc and will be doing some 
deep, open water, rec/reef dives from a boat. At this point I am not great on 
air usage and like the confort of having a second reserve / safety air 
supply. The question is how do I mount this. 
 As I will be flying into key west and doing boat dives I will be limited to 
the standard 80CF tank. I have a 45Cf OMS bottle that I intend to use. Some 
of my thoughts are a second reg assembly, first stage, second stage and 
pressure gauge. I also was thinking of mounting the tank upside down. 
 The reason I am asking these questions is to draw on your experience and 
knowledge. No flames please and direct reply's are great.  >>

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