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GDPR Notice

This archive contains copies of messages posted to the wreckdiver mailing list which was active in the period from 1993-2004.

Information that we collect

While the list was active, we collected subscribers' email addresses that we used to distribute subsequent postings to. Following cessation of operation of the list, we deleted all subscribers' email addresses.

All members of the mailing list took explicit personal action by means of sending email to the mailing list server in order to subscribe themselves to the list and were able to unsubscribe themselves at at any time through the mailing list server, the address of which was included in every list message. Unsubscribing had the effect of deleting a subscriber's email address from our subscription list. No log was kept of users' subscription and unsubscription records.

Postings to the Mailing List

It was understood that the operation of the mailing list was to forward all posted messages by email to all list subscribers. It was announced to the mailing list (as can be seen in the first message in the archive) that all messages posted to the mailing list would also be archived and be WWW-searchable. Users were free to include or not include any personal information they saw fit in the messages they posted to the list. This WWW list archive tool allows for search and display of the messages that were posted to the list. As an anti-spam protection mechanism, all email addreses (except the list's own addresses) are partially obscured when displayed on this WWW archive tool. All other personal information, however, is displayed as it was posted. Copies of postings forwarded by email to list subscribers were sent unchanged in their entirety, including full email addresses.

Server logs

The email and web servers maintain normal activity logs which are rotated and automatically deleted after a few weeks. We only have the most recent few weeks of these activity logs.

Right of Access

We no longer hold any information on list subscribers.

Historical Postings to the List

A user can discover all their messages in the archive by using the archive's search tool to find messages from a specific author.

Right to Erasure

We no longer hold any information on list subscribers.

Historical Postings to the List

Postings that were sent to the list while it was active form part of a body of historical data relevant to both public health and scientific research. Under the GDPR, we are exempt from having to remove data which falls into this category. Since inclusion of personal data in postings was entirely a poster's own choice, any personal data you included in your postings is also covered under this exemption. Please Note: All messages in this archive were also immediately forwarded by email to all the list subscribers and many of those recipients may still have those emails and may even be archiving them on the WWW. We no longer have any way of contacting those third parties and we have no control over what they do with their copy of the list messages.

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