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Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 12:15:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Craig Muir <craig_muir@ya*.co*>
Subject: Re: Pony Bottle mounting help needed.
Hi Bill
An OMS steel 45 may be a bit big for a pony tamer. 
I'd try hanging it on your front side like a stage
bottle. There are a few good web-pages on stage bottle
rigging, so have a look witha good search engine.  If
you're carrying a bottle that's that big, have you
ever considered using doubled up 80's?  That would
solve the air usage problem, and the second 80 is
nearly the same weight as a steel 45.
Good luck

--- Bill Libecap <mr_bill@ma*.co*> wrote:
> Hi 
> I would like some good advice on pony bottle
> mounting.
> First let me describe the situation. I have a Tek bc
> and will be doing some deep, open water, rec/reef
> dives from a boat. At this point I am not great on
> air usage and like the confort of having a second
> reserve / safety air supply. The question is how do
> I mount this. 
> As I will be flying into key west and doing boat
> dives I will be limited to the standard 80CF tank. I
> have a 45Cf OMS bottle that I intend to use. Some of
> my thoughts are a second reg assembly, first stage,
> second stage and pressure gauge. I also was thinking
> of mounting the tank upside down. 
> The reason I am asking these questions is to draw on
> your experience and knowledge. No flames please and
> direct reply's are great. 
> Thanks for you help
> Bill Libecap
> Padi MSD
> NSS full cave
> Certified 4 years
> ---
> Mr_Bill@ma*.co*
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Craig Muir

"The fastest way to succeed is to look as if you're playing by somebody else's
rules, while quietly playing by your own." 
-Michael Konda
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