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Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 14:39:12 +0900
To: "Mickey Smith" <mickeys7@be*.ne*>, <davidesmith@al*.wp*.ed*>,
From: Gary Hagland <haglandg@to*.co*>
Subject: Re: Why/Why Not TDI?
Hey Guys,
Think about the worst thing that can happen to a Nitrox diver, which isn't 
a problem for someone breathing air.  How about training them in how to 
rescue a convulsing diver?  That's something normally not accomplished 
successfully, but odds improve with the proper technique.

At 09:07 PM 7/16/03 -0400, Mickey Smith wrote:
> > I have a couple of discussion prompting questions.
> >
> > Who (and why) out there believes that an actual dive
> > is an important part of a recreational Nitrox course?
>I believe you should have to show multiple examples of choosing best gas for
>depth and MOD of given gas.  You should also demonstrate an IQ higher than a
>tennis shoe when it comes to analyzing your gas-- to define that--they are
>several different types of analyzers out there-so the course should include
>an overview of some of the differences.
>If you are dying to give more of your hard earned cash to the dive shop
>monkeys and want to pay for a checkout dive--more power to you.  You are not
>going to change the way you breathe just because it is nitrox are ya?  This
>is beyond pale.
>I expect to see one arguement in here about watching an individual's
>buoyancy--well if that is an issue and some moron wants to bounce around and
>off himself--more power to him--more room on the boat for me.
>You should have that silly shit squared away before Nitrox class.
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