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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 10:18:37 +0900
To: ScottBonis@ao*.co*,
From: Gary Hagland <haglandg@to*.co*>
Subject: Re: What ppO2 for bottom mix?
The first incident occurred on 16 February 2002 at Little River Springs and 
the diver was breathing EAN32 at 102 ffw.  Sources were the Suwanee County 
Democrat and the VBTech newsgroup.  Second incident occurred in the Devil's 
Ear portion of Ginnie Springs on March 9th of that year and the diver was 
breathing a Nitrox mix between 36% and 38% at 100 ffw and convulsed after a 
90+ minute dive in high flow conditions.  Sources were Rodales and 
Techdiver newgroups.  When I visited High Springs last year, someone told 
me that the first diver may have been dosing heavily on sudafed for days 
prior to his convulsion.

At 11:41 AM 7/14/03 -0400, ScottBonis@ao*.co* wrote:
>Hi Gary,
>Could you please give some more information on these incidents?
>Thanks a lot.  Take care and dive safe,      Scott
>In a message dated 7/14/03 8:03:36 AM, haglandg@to*.co* writes:
><< Jan,
>Oxtox is a crap shoot.  With the studies that have been done, the only
>constant seems to be its unpredictability.  However, last year in Florida,
>divers convulsed and died at PO2 1.48 and 1.28.  To be honest, don't know
>if there were extenuating circumstances, but it should give us reason to
>question our assumptions that 1.4 is absolutely safe.  Also, I think we
>should acknowledge that the deeper you go, the less chance of a successful
>recovery from one of these incidents.
>Gary >>

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