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From: <scubapig@co*.ne*>
Subject: Re: RE: [dir-asia] Digest Number 102
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 0:31:13 -0400
I think we’ve beat this into the ground, but I’d like to say a few last words
before I shut my yap.

First, thanks to all the GUE instructors and DIR practitioners that read and
took the time to understand what I wrote and responded accordingly.  To some of
the others that don't quite understand the point I tried to make, please let me

I came out and attacked DIR by comparing to another organization that many
people consider a cult.  It may not be accurate, but it sure got your
attention.  You did what I expected - you fought back.  You called me a “loud
mouth” and told me I had a chip on my shoulder for talking smack about
something you felt strongly about.  You ignored the fact that I praised JJ and
even read three of his books (if I was a non-believer, why would I keep buying
his stuff and supporting GUE????).  It didn’t matter what the rest of message
said, you were pissed.  This is a classic example of human behavior – when
threatened, you defend yourself!

Now, let’s turn things around a little.  How do you think tech divers from
other training organizations feel when you attack their background, training,
and mentors?  They resist and shut their brains off just like you did.  They
start calling DIR divers loud mouths with chips on their shoulder.  Does any of
this sound familiar?  These people (just as you have) have invested an
incredible amount of time and money in equipment and training.  The last thing
they want to hear is that they’re an idiot or a stroke.  

Think about that the next time you meet a diver that is not familiar with DIR. 
Instead of calling them a stroke or an idiot, try sharing (not telling) why you
feel DIR is an effective system for diving.  Not a better way, a different way.
If the system truly is better, they’ll see it and convince themselves that
it’s the only way to dive.  I look forward to eventually taking the
fundamentals course.

Dive safe

Bruce Wyrwitzke

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