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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:41:34 +0800
From: Mark Bush <diving@mo*.co*>
Subject: Wreck Diving on 9 WWII Japanese Wrecks
Dive Right-Coron is located in the town of Coron, island of Busuanga, in
the northern end of Palawan province, Republic of the Philippines.  We are
an hour by air from Manila with multiple daily flights available.

We are sitting next to 9 World War II Japanese wrecks which are at depths
of 12 to 43 meters / 40 to 140 feet.  We are a Nitrox facility.  We also
have 5 local wrecks, 2 caves, 2 hot geothermal fresh water / salt water
lakes and numerous coral walls and coral reefs.  Seven of our wrecks are
120 to 170 meters long.

We go diving every day in our 19 m / 63 foot dive boat.  Two or three
guided dives are available.  Group size is usually 4 divers per dive guide.
 Groups are divided beginner and advanced.

Complete travel, lodging and diving information is on the internet in Dive
Right's Web Pages at:

We provide absolutely complete packages from Manila to Coron to Manila in
order to guarantee outstanding service to our guests.

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