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To: Multiple recipients of list wreckdiver <>
From: "sue tyner" <tyner@is*.ne*>
Subject: Re: Please remove me from the mailing list
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 1999 20:05:54 -0500
Please remove me from your mailing list.
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From: Nunzio Calce <Nunzioc@im*.co*>
To: Multiple recipients of list wreckdiver <>
Date: Monday, December 06, 1999 4:39 PM
Subject: Please remove me from the mailing list

Please remove me from the mailing list

RDecker388@ao*.co* wrote:

> Bill,
>       The simplest method of dealing with a pony bottle has to be to sling
> like on would a stage bottle.  Doing so requires little
> expense, allows the diver to hand the bottle up before climbing the ladder
> rough conditions and eliminates most concerns about entanglement hazard.
> Additionally, it places the bottle in a position where it's easy to spot a
> leak and allows easy access to the valve for turning the bottle on and
>      As the purpose of a pony bottle is to serve as a redundant source of
> in an out of air emergency (and that is truely it's only purpose, it is
> for extending dive time), the need for an SPG on the bottle is debateable.
> The key is to insure that the bottle is full before entring the water.  As
> the only reason for using the bottle would be in an emergency, how much
> is available is a moot issue.  The addition of extra hoses, octo's and
> to a pony bottle serves little purpose other than to clutter up the
> configuration.
>      If you decide to go with a tank mount, I'd suggest using something
> realitively universal, such as an "X bracket," or "bag."  Preferably you
> should be able to access the mount while diving to ditch the bottle if the
> need should arise.  Upside mounting of Bail-out bottles has never
> particularly appealed to me.
> Hope this helps,
> Bob D.
> In a message dated 99-12-06 14:45:07 EST, you write:
> << Hi
>  I would like some good advice on pony bottle mounting.
>  First let me describe the situation. I have a Tek bc and will be doing
> deep, open water, rec/reef dives from a boat. At this point I am not great
> air usage and like the confort of having a second reserve / safety air
> supply. The question is how do I mount this.
>  As I will be flying into key west and doing boat dives I will be limited
> the standard 80CF tank. I have a 45Cf OMS bottle that I intend to use.
> of my thoughts are a second reg assembly, first stage, second stage and
> pressure gauge. I also was thinking of mounting the tank upside down.
>  The reason I am asking these questions is to draw on your experience and
> knowledge. No flames please and direct reply's are great.  >>

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