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To: Multiple recipients of list wreckdiver <>
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 20:03:59 -0400
From: "E. Darren Ellis" <eellis2@ut*.ed*>
Subject: Accidental post to list...
	Oops!!  That last message from me was an accident... I didn't mean to post
it to the list, I wasn't thinking when I sent it.  Sorry for the waste of
bandwidth... not that there's a lot of traffic on this list anyways :)  but
it was an accident nonetheless.


E. Darren Ellis         eellis2@ut*.ed*

University of Tennessee / Dept. of Physics     /       Fax: (423) 974-7843
Physics Bldg.           / Knoxville, TN. 37996 / Telephone: (423) 974-3342
2900 Rennoc Rd.         / Knoxville, TN. 37918 /            (423) 281-9521

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