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From: "Don Burke" <donburke56@ne*.ne*>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Dimensions of tanks,scooters, camera gear?
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 10:31:30 -0400
I'll try to break the pissing contest.  I have always failed before, but
I'll try anyway.

Since you don't know what you want yet, a set of AL 80s would probably be
what you would build for.  Figure 29.5 inches high, 7.5 inches thick and
about 16.5 inches wide.  That allows for the bands.

A set of 8 inch doubles would be about 8.25 thick and still about 16.5
inches wide, again allowing for bands.  You don't know what size tanks you
want so I don't know what height to tell you.  131s are pretty doggone tall.
95s and 104s are much more reasonable.

72s are quite a bit smaller in all dimensions.

I doubt I'd build for camera equipment I didn't own.  By the time you buy
photo gear, it may look quite a bit different than anything on the market.

Scooter mounts can wait until you own a scooter.  You can make some pretty
spiffy form-fitted pads with spray foam, a box, the scooter, and a sheet of

I think I would drop the fascination with flat suraces and just put a heavy
coating on the stripped out car.  A few tiedown points and some loose rubber
padding will get it started. A custom cut tarp will keep prying eyes off the
gear. If I needed brackets, I'd install them as needed.

Eventually I'd end up with padding glued down where I needed it.  That would
probably be just for delicate gear.

You can build some pretty good tank saddles with 2x4 lumber and a radial arm
saw with various size blades.  If the surface the saddles are sitting on can
provide enough support and you have the tanks strapped down well, 2x3 lumber
may work. With a little finish work on the edges and some epoxy paint, the
saddles will look just fine.

I use unfinished 2x4 saddles in the back of my pickup.and they've lasted for
years.  I'll probably replace them with pressure treated lumber this fall.

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From: <BllFs6@ao*.co*>

> Hi all...
> Not a cave/tech diver or UW photographer but perhaps someday...
> Anyway, I have an old 2 door hatchback car that I am ripping out the
> of and redoing...
> The cars old style used space very inefficiently and there wasn't a
> flat/level
> spot in the darn thing...
> So, I am taking out the interior stuff and the back seat since I have
> had more than 1 passenger anyway....and I am going to put in flat hinged
> decking that will be much more condusive to storing things under and on
> off....
> In the process it occurred to me that it would be better for me to get
> critical dimensions of some gear that I might acquire in the future so if
> do get em they will fit the new setup without any further mods...
> So, first manifolded doubles....What is the MAXIMUM thickess,width, and
> height of a doubles set up? and the maximum of each dimension does not
> to come from any one particular other words...what is the
> "fattest" tank(s) I'd find? the tallest? the widest?....and this is with
> iso manifold attached....
> Next big item would be a scooter....If I ended up with one of those it
> probably be a Gavin type used by the DIR/WKPPP crowd.....those dimensions?
> And finally camera gear....there is going to be a fair bit of shallow
> space under the decking but above the the rear gas tank what
> the height of a Nikonos body sitting on a  table pointing forward? What is
> the max diameter of an UW flash that UW photographers typically use?
> thanks for any input!
> Bill

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