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From: "Kongable, Richard" <Richard_Kongable@bm*.co*>
To: "'davidesmith@al*.wp*.ed*'" <davidesmith@al*.wp*.ed*>
Cc: "''" <>
Subject: RE: Why/Why Not TDI?
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 08:29:59 -0500
Hey David,
I teach nitrox for a couple of different agencies, one requires dives, one
doesn't.  If I haven't dived with the student, I require the dives anyway.
If the student is someone I'm very familiar and comfortable with in the
water, I don't see the importance of doing the nitrox dives with them.  They
must demonstrate that they can analyze and calculate their MOD correctly as
part of the classroom work; as long as they stay above their MOD they're
In one case where the dives were not required, the student didn't belong in
the water anywhere.  Terrible buoyancy control, no buddy skills, perceptual
narrowing out the wahzoo.  I worked with him on a couple of dives with no
sign of improvement in any area.  So I called TDI, ended up talking to Bret,
told him that the student had done the classroom work and passed the test
successfully but I didn't want to certify him due to his in-water
performance.  I felt like the student would demand to get his card, (legally
probably rightfully so) since he did all that was REQUIRED to get the card.
Bret said absolutely don't certify him if you see problems, and he would
back me up if the student called in to complain.
I didn't certify him, he complained loudly to me; I offered to do more pool
and lake work with him for no additional cost before trying the nitrox dives
again, but I never heard from him again.
So even though TDI doesn't require dives, they'll sure back you up if you
exceed the standards and find a problem.  I'm sure if the student had gone
to court, he would have received his card.


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From: David E. Smith [mailto:davidesmith@al*.wp*.ed*]
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 7:24 PM
Subject: RE: Why/Why Not TDI?

I have a couple of discussion prompting questions.  

Who (and why) out there believes that an actual dive 
is an important part of a recreational Nitrox course?  

What about teaching Nitrox as part of the basic openwater 
course?  (I recall one agency's standard stating that was 
ok as long as the instructor was NOT on Nitrox!)

David E. Smith

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From: Steve Schultz [mailto:se2schul@ho*.co*] 
Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 2:18 PM
To: joeldm@mi*.co*;
Subject: Re: Why/Why Not TDI?

I took a TDI nitrox course in 1995 that only covered the theory. I got
my card without doing any dives, or even analysing a tank.


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