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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 16:44:58 -0400
To: isleroc@sp*.ch*, "techdiver@aq*.co*" <techdiver@aq*.co*>,
     "" ,
From: Jarrod Jablonski <JJ@ha*.ne*>
Subject: Re: Redundant Rebreathers & The Doux de Coly
Hello Olivier,

In the few times that I met you I was impressed by your calm demeanor and 
open attitude. I am sure that you are a very nice gentleman. These comments 
are not really befitting your normally reserved attitude. To be sure, you 
were a pioneer in your own right. Given my own careful acceptance of 
rebreathers and my understanding of the demanding nature of long range cave 
dives I congratulate you on your sheer bravery if on nothing else.

I must, however, take brief issue with your assertion that using dual 
rebreathers is an idea unto yourself. That is a bit like saying that using 
two scooters is our exclusive domain or that using more than one stage 
bottle was "invented". Some things are inherently obvious such as the idea 
that where one rebreather will work, two can be used for redundancy. The 
debate over the desirability of such choices is another issue altogether 
but the reality of the option seems self evident. Consider if the idea 
would hold up as patentable ie "novel and unique and not intuitively 
obvious to someone skilled in the trade."

As for double breathers I would consider them but not likely as a complete 
elimination of the benefit for team effort. In the same way that we 
resisted rebreathers until a time that we considered useful/necessary we 
will not rush to using dual rebreathers where single units and teamwork are 
safer and more reliable options. I prefer to take my risks in other areas, 
betting my life on ability and the most limited number of uncontrolled 
variables feasible.

Most people say that the team approach does not work, that they do not have 
a team, and that it is not good for their area. Of course they said the 
same thing before we built a team and explored Tallahassee. They told me 
the same when I went to Turkey, mounting several substantial exploration 
projects in the absolute middle of nowhere. They say this everywhere and 
will continue where the effort seems not worth the reward. I disagree and 
will use all the tools available toward doing this for as long as possible 
in the most reliable manner feasible.

All my best,

At 09:34 PM 10/8/2001 +0200, isler wrote:
>The dive of Reinhard and Michael is reported with a lot of details on the 
>attractive website www.tekdyk/doux.
>Unfortunately, an error appears at the "Welcome" page of the site. The 
>assertion that  "... all dives were directed using the DIR philosophy 
>developped by the floridian cave diving team WKPP..." is NOT correct. In 
>fact, the dive was directed using an intermediate philosophy between that 
>of DIR and the rebreather redundancy developped by myself (as mentioned on 
>the site).
>The analysis of their dive in fact shows that they both carried 2 X 20 l 
>tanks on their back (return on open circuit in case of rebreather 
>failure). They dived as 2 divers together, as in DIR philosophy. Beyond a 
>distance of 800 m, no safety or relay cylinders were placed in the sump. 
>The reason was that both divers used the double rebreather RB 80. This is 
>undeniably my philosophy of using Redundant Rebreathers.

Jarrod Jablonski

CEO- Halcyon Manufacturing
President- Global Underwater Explorers

Halcyon Manufacturing
Halcyon manufacturing produces some of the scuba industry's most novel and 
robust diving equipment designed by many of diving's most active explorers. 
 From the world record Halcyon rebreather to revolutionary lighting and 
life support equipment our companies are revolutionizing the manufacturing 
of aquatic equipment.

Global Underwater Explorers
Global Underwater Explorers is a non-profit educational, research, and 
exploratory organization. GUE regularly engages in international 
expeditions and has hundreds of dedicated members around the world. From 
entry level technical diver training to advanced exploratory, research and 
filming projects GUE is widely considered one of the world's most diverse 
and capable aquatic organizations.

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