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From: JDA000@ao*.co*
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 18:21:27 EST
Subject: Some Used Gear
To: vbtech@ci*.co*,
Hi all, below we just got in some used gear.   See ya John   <A 


Blue Aqualung Horse Collar  $20.00 
good wallhanger

Aqualung Horse Collar  $20.00 
good wallhanger

USD Horse Collar  $20.00 
good wallhanger

Seatec Horsecollar  $45.00
Good shape with BC inflator Hold air

Divetopia Horse collar $60
Very good working order, holds air

SeaQuest Horse Collar $20.00
Looks Good, Orange


Uwatec Pro Nitrox  $300.00
Good shape, No scratches on the face  73 percent battery life

Parkway Bottom Timer  $100.00
Old style Uwatec Bottom Timer that records any depth down to 500 feet. 


US divers Aquarius   $95.00
Just rebuilt - o2 clean  Good stage or pony reg

Poseidon Regulator Bags  $10.00 Each
Good shape most like new.

Sherwood Din Adapter  $25.00

Oceanic Omega 2 Second Stage   $75.00
Just rebuilt, new internal parts

Dacor Viper $150
Hardly used - Just rebuilt  

Sherwood Shadow  Octo/Inflator $50.00
Old style with new Case and internal parts.

Genesis Second Stage  $40.00
Black in color includes hose

First Stage $55.00
Old Style Yoke.  Just rebuilt ready to go. Would work great on an argon setup.

Dacor DIN Adapter  $10.00
For older dacor reg.

Genesis Second Stage  $50.00
Just rebuilt o2 clean with hose. 

Consoles - Hoses

Beuchat Console $120.00
Includes BRASS pressure Gauge, Adjustable Depth Gauge with max depth needle 
and compass

Sherwood Brass Pressure Gauge $45.00
Good shape includes hose

Dive Rite Brass Pressure Gauge  $50.00
Good shape almost new, includes hose

Princeton Tec Brass Pressure Gauge  $45.00
Good shape includes hose

Suunto Pressure Gauge $45.00
Includes 6" hose for stage bottles,  good shape

Buoyancy Compensators

SeaQuest Spectrum 4 BC  $100.00
Size Small good shape

Dive Rite Single Tank Adapter  $45.00
Good shape no cracks or anything.

Dive Rite Junior Wings  $100.00
Good shape,  45lb lift

Dive Rite Classic Wings  $100.00
Good Shape  60lbs lift.

Dive Rite ABS Backplate   $45.00
Includes deluxe harness  Good shape

OMS S/S Backplate  $125.00
Like new includes deluxe harness and 2 zipper pocket.

Sea Quest $85
This is a small in good shape.  Good entry level BC

Sea Systems International BC   $40.00
Multi color.  Old BC holds air and is ready to dive. Size Large  Could almost 
pass for vintage.


Battery powered lightsticks  (MarkLite) $10
Lightsticks are required for night diving in many locations

Battery powered lightsticks  (Mark III) $13
Lightsticks are required for night diving in many locations

Pelican mini backup lights $10
Use 2 AAA batteries, new

Extreme Exposure  14ah light  $150.00
Light is in good shape.  Includes charger, canister and light head.  The 
light just needs batteries.

Tek Tite  Strobe 300  $50.00
Yellow looks like new.  This is the large heavy duty strobe

Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe  $20.00
Red in color Great Shape

Princeton Tec Aqua Strobe  $20.00
Black in color Great Shape

Tanks - Valves

Din Tank Protectors   $15.00
These are used you get 3 for the price of one.  

Beuchat Y Din Valve $150.00
Good shape includes one of the yoke adapters.  Good shape just rebuilt o2 
clean.  For ¾ thread low pressure tanks and aluminum tanks

300 Bar Din Valves  $40.00 each
Good shape just rebuilt o2 clean.  For ¾ thread low pressure tanks and 
aluminum tanks.

OMS 85 Cu Ft tank  $160.00
9/97 Original hydro.  The tank is in great shape inside and oxygen clean.  
Includes K-valve and boot

Aluminum 80   $80.00
Oxygen clean green and yellow.  The tank is in good shape inside and includes 
a k-valve and boot. 1/98 hydro

Aluminum 19  $75.00
Includes K-valve.  The tank is oxygen clean and in good shape.

Genesis Isolation Manifold  $120.00
Just rebuilt and Oxygen cleaned.  The manifold will work on high pressure 
steel tanks.

OMS Isolation Manifold  $190.00
Just rebuilt and Oxygen cleaned.  The manifold will work on low pressure 
steel tanks or aluminum tanks.

Genesis H-Valve  $80
Rebuilt and O2 Cleaned,  for LP steel or Aluminum

131 OMS Cu Foot Steel Tank  $300.00
New 5/00 tank was just tumbled and oxygen cleaned has NEW VIP.  Tank includes 
a rebuilt k-valve and brand new dive boot. 

7.25 Dive Rite Stainless steel Bands   $30.00
This is your standard dive Rite Band for aluminum 80's, high-pressure steels 
and low pressure 80 cu ft tanks.

8" Dive Rite Bands   $30.00
This is your standard Stainless Steel dive Rite Band for low-pressure steel 
dive cylinders

7.25 Stainless Steel Double Bands  $45.00
These are the heavy duty bands we use only used. For aluminum 80's, high 
pressure steels and low pressure 80 cu ft tanks.

8 inch Stainless Steel Double Bands  $45.00
These are the heavy-duty bands we use only used. For low pressure steel dive 

50 cu ft  Oxygen Bottles  $55.00 each
These are round bottom oxygen bottles.  They would make great emergency boat 
oxygen bottles.  We can also put nitrogen, helium and argon valves in them if 
you like.  The tanks have brand new hydros, new Vips, the tanks were also 
just tumbled.  

6.9 Inch Tank Boots $3.00
Hard to find, we try to keep them in stock

Drysuits - Accessories

DUI CF200   $900.00
Size Medium Tall.  The suit has brand new zipper and the suit is in great 
shape.  The suit has two pockets one on each side.  The suit is all black in 
color  Latex wrist seals with neoprene protective cover.  Latex neck seal 
with warm neck collar.  The suit also has a Halcyon Pee Valve in it. 

Dui G400 $225.00
Size Medium  Looks like new.  Black in color

Dui 400G Booties  $40.00
Great shape size large

Viking Undergarment  $125.00
Like new Midweight undergarment  Size medium 

Henderson XL Neoprene Suit   $375.00
Good Shape, new seals.  Size XL  Blue and Black

Extra Small in size,  looks like new Black/Blue

Apollo $600
Large Neoprene with p-valve

KME neoprene suit for Female. This custom suit would fit a Female large short 
to xl short with plenty of room in the hips. Neoprene seals in great shape. 
Ready to go for $450

Northern Diver Drysuit $450.00
Mens Small - Medium   Relief Zipper, Knife Pockets, Small bellows pocket

Mobby's Trilam Drysuit   $450.00
Back Zip - womens Small Pink/Purple/White

DUI 200 G undergarment   $120.00
Good shape includes booties, Size Medium

DUI 400 G Undergarment  $120.00
Large Size good shape

Wetsuits - Accessories

Only 2 years old.  We have assorted Sherwood, Contempro, Action Plus suits.  
All in really good shape and ready to go.  Suits are only $90.00!!!!!!!   

Contempro Mens Small  $90

Womens 6mm Small Shorty-Blue $25

Womens 6mm Small 1 Piece-Blue $25

US Divers Small Shorty  -$25

Atlan ¼" Farmer John Mens Large $110

Atlan ¼" Farmer John Womens Small  $110

Lycra Skin $15.00
Size Small no rips

Dive Skins Lycra Skin $20.00
Womens Size S Pink and Blue almost new

Henderson Lycra Skin $20.00
Womens S Red/Silver

Henderson 3mm $20.00
Womans farmer john top and bottom
Oneil Jumpsuit  $50.00
Womans Small  Purple and black in color great shape

Fathom Farmer Jane  $40.00
Top and bottom loke new shape, plush lined Womans Small

Henderson Farmer Jane  $45.00
Womans Medium good shape farmer jane top and bottom

Fathom Shorty  $20.00
Womans ML  Good shape 3mm

Oneil 3mm Farmer John  $25.00
Bottom only good shape

Mens Farmer John $10.00
Mens Small ok shape, good starter suit for a kid, includes hood top and bottom

Henderson Farmer John  $90.00
Mens XXL good shape, includes top and bottom

Harveys Farmer john  $35.00
Mens XS  Farmer john top and bottom. 

Ladies Denizen Shorty $20.00
3mm Shorty 

DUI Vest  $25.00 
Zipper Version.  Size Medium

Harvey's Wetsuit Medium $50.00
Top and Bottom, Medium, Blue and Silver

Action Plus Wetsuit $50.00
Ladies S Black/Pink stripes Top and Bottom

Henderson Wetsuit $75.00
Mens S Black Top and Bottom

Sherwood Wetsuit $90.00
Mens M Black and Blue Top and Bottom

O'Neil 5/3 One Piece $55.00
Men's S Black and Blue

Ocean Ray 6.5mm Farmer John Top and Bottom  $50.00
Good Shape like new.  Ready to go.  

Emergency O2 Stuff

Oxygen Reg  $25.00
This is a fixed flow version.  Look like new and is in great shape.  does 
about 8lpm

Oxygen Reg  $60.00
0-15lpm reg with scuba fittings so that you can put a second stage on it for 
another gas delivery setup.  

Emergency Oxygen Reg   $65.00
This is a medical oxygen reg for use in emergencies.  The reg has a flowmeter 
from 0 to 15lpm plus the DISS port to hook up a demand reg. 

Commercial/Industrial Pressure Reducing Regs  $50.00
These are high quality o2, nitrogen type regs.  all are in good shape and can 
be used for many different things

Med D  $45.00
This is your standard medical oxygen bottle.  These are the aluminum versions 
and will have brand new 11/00 hydros.  The tank will come full of oxygen if 
you pick up.  

Med E   $45.00
This is your standard tall medical oxygen bottle.  These are the aluminum 
versions and will have brand new 11/00 hydros.  The tank will come full of 
oxygen if you pick up.   

Mask - Snorkel - Fins

US Diver Blades  $30.00
Look New Size Small

Cressi Focus Mask  $20.00
Good shape includes neoprene strap.

Cressi Sub Oceano Mask $35
New in the box with hard case

Low Profile Mask  $20.00 various manufacturers available.
2 lens good shape, Seadive, Vista, etc.

Wenoka  Fins  $25.00
Sea Style Reflex XL Clear

US Divers Compro $15.00
XS  Clear in color  NEW

Tusa Liberator Fins $25.00
Med Clear in color

US Divers Compro $15.00
XS Red in color

US Divers Compro  $15.00
XS Green in color good shape

Closeout Sherwood Masks $30.00
brand new single and two lens models available

Misc Snorkels $5.00 each

Compressors - Bottles - Filters

Bauer 8cfm Electric  $4000.00   Compressor and plate Only $3200.00
This unit is in good shape and looks like it has had little use.  The unit 
comes with a new 7 1/2 HP electric 3 phase motor.  We can also put a single 
phase motor on it for additional cost.  The compressor pumps good and would 
make a nice shop compressor.

Storage Bottles are Back  

2015 psi  240cu ft   $70

2400 psi  300cu ft   $130

4500 PSI used coming  (place orders now do not miss out)

All have new hydro and paint with blank neck collars


Gavin Scooter $3800.00
Used only about 5 times.  This is the real McCoy.  Built about July 2000 by 
George Irvine. Includes battery, scooter, short body along with charger.

Dacor Seasprint Scooter  $900.00
Good shape includes battery, scooter, charger and foam case. 


US Divers Knife $20.00
Blunt Tip.  Good shape 

Pointed Knive $20.00
New shape, ready to go

Sherwood Pointed tip $5.00
BC Knife, No Sheath


Sea Life RC Reefmaster Camera Kit
These are our rentals that John is blowing out! All have brand new internal 
    $125 with case
    $100 with out case

Golden Reel Primary  $50.00
Good shape.  This is the primary version.  

OMS safety Reel  $40.00
Good shape this is the safety reel.  

Dive Rite Reel $40.00
Old style, red in color, Primary reel.  This is the older version that has 
the flat side plates.  

Seaquest Tiburion Knife  $20.00
This is the handle style seaquest knife not an ordinary style knife

Yellow Mesh Bag  $5.00
Good shape 

Carter Lift Bag  $40.00
50lb bag.  Good shape 

Safety Sausage  $10.00
Used in good shape.

Zipper weightbelt  $10.00
Good shape 5 pockets for weights

Mesh Backpack $20.00
Black in color  PVC Coated mesh.  Like New Oceanic.

Trident small stuff sack $10 blue

 Storm Whistles  $3 - $5 each
good shape

Need New or Used Scuba Gear?  Try:  <A 
HREF="">Northeast Scuba</A>  
(610) 631-2288

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