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From: JDA000@ao*.co*
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 11:27:15 EST
Subject: Harry Averill Cave Presentation in PA
To: techdiver@aq*.co*,
CC: vbtech@ci*.co*
Hi All, I wanted to let everyone know about an awesome slide presentation 
that we will be having Monday at 7:30Pm.  Harry Averill from Dive Rite 
manufacturing will be here for a slide presentation.  Harry is well know 
caving community and has been cave diving since the early 70's.  This is a 
show not to be missed.  Also the best part is the show is FREE OF CHARGE.   
If you need directions please go to   Also 
please RSVP.  We can be reached at 610-631-2288 or by email 
John@no*.co*   Thanks John 

About the Slide Show

These are images captured over the years, while working on stories fro Skin 
Diver, Southern Diver and Sport Diver, and taking catalog photos for Dive 
Rite.  They depict the full range of activities available to divers of all 
experience levels in north-central Florida and Mexicos Yucatan Peninsula.

Part 1   Freshwater Florida
Snorkel with the Manatees at Crystal River

Drift dive for more than a mile down the shallow, sunlit rainbow river

Discover the underwater caverns that are open to any certified diver: Devil's 
Den, Blue Grotto and Ginnie Spring.

Enter the labyrinth: North Central Florida's underwater caves.

Part 2 Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula
Travel deep into the jungle to visit ancient cenotes

Discover huge underwater caverns, eclipsing anything else on earth

See huge stalactites, stalagmites and columns, undisturbed sing the ice age. 

Marvel at the formations of incredible beauty

Need New or Used Scuba Gear?  Try:  <A 
HREF="">Northeast Scuba</A>  
(610) 631-2288

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