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From: Debra A Rodney <geatway@on*.sh*.cn*>
To: Anne H Randolph@on*.sh*.cn*
Subject: Dramatically Improve Your Stock Market Gains
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 23:44:59 -0400

Watch This Stock Move! 

OrderPro Logistics, Inc. (OTCBB: OPLO) explosive stock performance and 
900% revenue growth for first half of 2003 fueled by aggressive acquisition 

URGENT INVESTOR UPDATE: Recently at $ .11 per share, OPLO is now 
trading at more than $ .20 with upcoming major news and revenue 
announcements signaling the continuation of significant price breakouts. 
Accordingly, we have moved our short-term Target Price to $1.20 which 
represents an earnings multiple of only 8 times next year's earnings---fully
of the earnings multiple of 16 for the S&P 500. 

OrderPro Logistics, Inc. (OPLO) is experiencing tremendous success and 
expansion by providing a broad array of valuable services and expert 
management to all aspects of the transport / shipping process. OPLO's revenues 
are starting to jump onto the balance sheet by effectively facilitating the
movement from origin to destination for a vast customer base spanning the 
entire US and Mexico. 

OPLO has projected a target for achieved revenue in the $40 million to $50 
million range over the next 24-36 months! When examining the revenue for 
each OPLO division and recent Company acquisitions, there is a clear 
indication that a massive ballooning effect will occur that has not yet been 
recorded in the financials, but will be accounted for on upcoming reports.

Exploding sales growth will produce an out-of-control breakout reaction for 
OPLO shares while continuing their stampede to our short-term targeted 
expectations and beyond.
Attention from investors, brokers, and analysts will surge dramatically once
hidden value of OPLO's wholly owned divisions and their FORTUNE 500 
partnership agreements are revealed. OPLO through their TransMex subsidiary 
has a partnership agreement in place with Pacer Global Logistics (Nasdaq: 
PACR), one of the nation's largest logistics providers to the automotive 
industry with annual sales of $1.6 Billion, whose clients include vendors for 
Ford Motor Co. and General Motors. Additionally, TransMex has been a 
divisional carrier for Union Pacific Railroad, the nation's largest railroad,
over 10 years and is in discussion with Union Pacific to enhance and expand 
their current transborder services.
DISCLAIMER: Certain statements contained in this newsletter may be 
forward-looking statements within the meaning of The Private Securities 
Litigation Reform Act of 1995. We are NOT a registered investment advisor or 
a broker dealer. This is NOT an offer to buy or sell securities. This is an 
independent electronic publication that was paid ten thousand dollars by a
party for the compilation of this company information. Investors should not 
rely solely on the information presented. Rather, investors should use the 
information provided in this newsletter as a starting point for doing
independent research on the profiled company in order to allow the investor to 
form their own opinion. Investing in micro-cap securities is highly speculative 
and carries an extremely high degree of risk. It is possible that an investor's 
entire investment may be lost due to the speculative nature of the profiled 

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