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Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2003 11:52:20 -0400
To: Techdiver <>
From: Steven Lindblom <s_lindblom@co*.co*>
Subject: RE: First Stage DIN O-Rings
this is a very confusing subject, fortunately if it fits, it fits, so 
your eye can be your guide when the parts book won't.

I usually use metric 2.5x11 when a -112 isn't happy. has the best selection of O-rings on the net that 
I've found, and they have a $1 line item minimum so you can order 
small quantities (of the more expensive ones; $1 buys quite a few 
nitrile 70 -010s!). Even better they have 90s for very little extra, 
unlike many dealers that either don't have them, or want an arm and a 
leg extra for them. They also have EPDM (which I am mostly using now) 
and metrics at similarly reasonable prices (like the little 1x1.8s 
for the SP balance chambers!)

A neat trick for identifying O-rings, BTW, when you have the 
identification charts that reg manufacturers often put in their parts 
lists or OH kits, is to photocopy a generic O-ring chart like the one 
in our reg book on transparent film or tracing paper (heavy tracing 
vellum works nice because it holds up well). Then you can just 
overlay the transparent chart for instant indentification.
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