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Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 21:01:15 +1000
From: Dean Laffan <email@re*.co*.au*>
Subject: DIR list for Australia
To: Quest at GUE <quest@gu*.co*>
Cc: Tech diver list <>,
     Underwater Explorers
Hi All

To facilitate the exchange of local DIR info in Australia there is now a
dedicated list called DIR_OZ. You can sign up by emailing

Or via the list control panel at

Please feel free to forward this to any other lists as you feel appropriate.

dean  laffan

r e a l   w o r l d   p r o d u c t i o n s
6 7   l i t t l e   g e o r g e  s t,  f i t z r o y
m e l b o u r n e,   a u s t r a l i a
3 0 6 5

home/office  +613-9419-3966
Mobile       0418-525-315

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