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From: "Dunn, Drew A." <Drew.Dunn@jh*.ed*>
To: "'Jan Werbinski'" <janwer@fo*.co*>,
Subject: RE: What ppO2 for bottom mix?
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 11:24:54 -0400
> From: <Jsuw@ao*.co*>
> > Not having a plethora of gas mixes makes things a lot 
> > easier when you mix. If a dive gets cancelled or you don't 
> > use a cylinder for some  reason, you can always use 
> > that gas on another similar dive, and you have a wider 
> > range of those dives for that gas.  There is nothing worse 
> > than dumping a cylinder containing  trimix because you 
> > need to mix a different gas for use in that cylinder.
> I remember David Shimell on this list making his own list of 
> custom mixes. He have different bottom mix for each 10 meters 
> range and corresponding tables. Runtimes are in 5 minute and 
> 5 metre increments. He have tables for each mix already laminated.
> Interesting alternative for GUE custom mixes, isn't it?

Are you suggesting that Shimell's list is better then 
GUE's (short) list?  If you are then I think you're missing 
Jan's point.

Drew A. Dunn
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