Dive Club Details: South Shore Neptunes

Tag: ssn
Date: 1999/11/10
Club Name: South Shore Neptunes
Building: Quincy E.M. Dive Team Headquarters
Street: Corner of Quarry and Joyce Streets
City: Quincy
Country: USA/Massachusetts
Meeting Schedule: First and Third Tuesdays of every month at 8 PM
Membership Fee: $30 regular, $10 Corresponding (Mailings only)
General Information: The South Shore Neptunes promotes local diving from New HampshiretoRhode Island. Activities include weekly night dives, boatandshore diving, snorkel and SCUBA competition, ice diving andsocialevents.
URL: http://www.geocities.com/pipeline/halfpipe/1127
Contact: Tommy Lo
Phone: (781)401-1505
Email: neptunedivers@geocities.com

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