Dive Club Details: SRT Police Divers Association

Tag: srtdivers
Date: 2002/09/01
Club Name: SRT Police Divers Association
Building: SWPD
Street: 500 SW 109 Ave
City: Miami, FL
Country: USA/Florida
Meeting Schedule: Once a month and during training sessions (all members and Instructors Invitied)
Membership Fee: $25.00 Members and Instructors; $100.00 for Sponsors
General Information: The SRT/POLICE DIVERS ASSOCIATION was conceived in Miami, Florida by a group of POLICE SEARCH AND RESCUE DIVERS for the purpose of establishing a viable resource network of experienced professional divers and instructors to exchange and provide diverse training programs to the PROFESSIONAL DIVER as well as the RECREATIONAL DIVER.PROFESSIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMS are instructed by SRT/POLICE DIVERS geared specifically for the advanced, corporate and the professional diver.
URL: http://www.srtdivers.com
Contact: Stephen Crowe
Phone: 305-259-6021
Email: scrowe@srtdivers.com

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