Dive Club Details: Space Coast Descenders

Tag: spacecoast
Date: 1994/07/16
Club Name: Space Coast Descenders
Building: American Legion Post 200
Street: 105 Ocean Blvd
City: Satellite Beach
Country: USA/Florida
Meeting Schedule: 7:30 p.m. every 2nd Wednesday of every month
Membership Fee: ?
General Information: The Space Coast Descenders is know as "The Club that Dives". We have many local dives (Keys, Ft Pierce, West Palm Beach, etc) aboard dive boats and some with member's boats. We also have international trips to places such as the Bahamas, Jamaica, Honduras, etc. There are monthly small item raffles for fundraising. Items such as Triptone, dive logs, books, lanyards, lights, etc are raffled off. There is the quarterly big raffle where tickets are sold at a slightly higher cost for three months. Items given away have been, Spare Air Systems, Zeagle BCs, etc. One of the clubs instructors occasionally donates free classes to be raffled as well. There are also frequent "cool your buns" picnics and outings as well. *ur
Contact: Sheree Kent or Peter Kent
Phone: 407-268-2376 *ae
Email: ?

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