Dive Club Details: Save Ontario Shipwrecks(Windsor Chapter)

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Date: 1995/11/04
Club Name: Save Ontario Shipwrecks(Windsor Chapter)
Building: Windsor Yacht Club
Street: Riverside Drive East
City: Windsor
Country: Canada/Ontario
Meeting Schedule: Meetings are held on every Second Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Check theURL below to confirm!
Membership Fee: $35/year, ($25 Provincial SOS Membership dues + $10 Local Chapter Dues)
General Information: Save Ontario Shipwrecks is a province-wide Marine History and Archaeologyorganization. SOS Windsor conducts side-scan sonar searches ofthe Western Basin of Lake Erie each summer. We have located over70 known wrecks and have yet another 45 sites that conatin man-mdedebris but have not be confirmed as wreck sites. The membershipconsists of about 25 members who are dedicated to preserving andprotecting Ontario's marine history. This summer, the chapterconducted am archeological survey class taught by Peter Englebert,the head marine archaeologist for the province of Ontario. Variouschapter members have located mnay wrecks and wreckage sites. The president of our chapter is John Karry, who is working closelywith the town of Leamingston and the Province of Ontario in settingup an underwater dive park and preserve called Erie Quest, Shipwrecksof the Pelee Passage...
URL: http://supernova.uwiundsor.ca/people/drexle2/sos.html
Contact: Mike Drexler
Phone: E-mail for details...
Email: drexle2@server.uwindsor.ca

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