Dive Club Details: Philadelphia Sea Horses

Tag: philaseahorses
Date: 2001/01/03
Club Name: Philadelphia Sea Horses
Building: TBD
Street: PO Box 45907
City: Philadelphia
Country: USA/Pennsylvania
Meeting Schedule: 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:30 P.M.
Membership Fee: $30 per year
General Information: The Philadelphia Sea Horses Scuba Club is the Philadelphia area's oldest club. The club has speakers at meetings, such as Gary Gentile, runs an extensive North Jersey dive schedule on chartered boats, holds fund raisers and other activities, and consists of divers of variousages and skill levels. We promote scuba diving via our club meetings, dive events, and the Internet.
URL: http://www.philaseahorses.org
Contact: Kevin Everitt
Phone: 215-335-3483
Email: kevev99@home.com

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