Dive Club Details: Ontario Underwater Explorers

Tag: oue
Date: 1995/01/14
Club Name: Ontario Underwater Explorers
Building: Etobicoke Olympium
Street: ?
City: Toronto
Country: Canada/Ontario
Meeting Schedule: Thursday evenings, 9:30 to 10:30 (9 to 10 in the summer)
Membership Fee: ?
General Information: Club dives are held year-around, mostly around the province of Ontario. We get out to the popular spots, like Kingston and Tobermory, but also try to explore new sites. We have an emphasis on safety, with divemasters present and oxygen available at all club dives. Courses are offered by the club's NAUI instructors, and many members show up to swim and stay in shape, try out diving gear in the pool, or just to stand around and talk diving. Afterwards we retire to a nearby pub for a bit of refreshment and more talk. A club delegation goes to the annual Peterborough Ice Floe Race in March and the Treasure Hunt in June. These events are somewhat larger-than-life and hard to describe over the Net. *ur
Contact: Anthony DeBoer
Phone: 905-508-4718.
Email: adb@geac.com

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