Dive Club Details: Niagara Divers Association

Tag: niagara
Date: 1995/02/23
Club Name: Niagara Divers Association
Building: ?
Street: ?
City: Niagara Falls
Country: Canada/Ontario
Meeting Schedule: ?
Membership Fee: ?
General Information: We are based in Niagara Falls Canada with members from all over Ontario and New York state. We are very active in all aspects of diving with emphasis on the wrecks of the Great Lakes.Dive sites this year include Tobermory,Kingston,Michigan and others. We dive the Niagara River on a regular basis as part of a weekly dive schedule which we try to maintain. Other events are The Great Niagara River Race- A chamber divein Tobermory, Underwater Canada in Toronto and speakers at our monthly meetings in StCathrines. *ur
Contact: John Knapman
Phone: 905 356 7337 or 905 356 8174 (Jim Grice)
Email: nusmyl@niagara.com

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