Dive Club Details: Middle East Technical University SubAqua Society

Tag: metu
Date: 1994/12/25
Club Name: Middle East Technical University SubAqua Society
Building: ?
Street: P.K.420, 06444
City: Yenishehir, Ankara
Country: Turkey
Meeting Schedule: ?
Membership Fee: ?
General Information: METU (Middle East Technical University) SubAqua Society is a student society in METU. We have two hundred active members working on wreck research, cave diving, underwater ecology, conservation of endangered sea mammals etc. We also organize some competitions about underwater photography. Every year approximately one hundred diver participate our competetions. We will be very glad to get in touch with other scuba clubs all over the world. *ur
Contact: ?
Phone: ?
Email: subaqua@rorqual.cc.metu.edu.tr

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