Dive Club Details: Kayuba Dive Club of Florida

Tag: kayuba
Date: 2002/08/31
Club Name: Kayuba Dive Club of Florida
Building: Underseas Sports
Street: 1450 N Federal Highway
City: Fort Lauderdale
Country: USA/Florida
Meeting Schedule: Monthly on 3rd Monday
Membership Fee: $35
General Information: The Kayuba Dive Club of Florida is an organization formed to promote interest in kayak diving. Monthly meetings are informational and fun. They have speakers on a variety of subjects concerning safe diving and kayaking. They have video presentations highlighting recent events and activities. The club engages in local boat dives, beach dives and especially kayak dives. The club sponsors hunting trips (lobster and fish), sessions on marine safety, and a host of additional activities planned by the members.
URL: http://www.kayuba.org
Contact: Jim Guld
Phone: 954-484-8129
Email: dive@kayuba.org

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