Dive Club Details: Institute of Technology, Sligo: Sub Aqua Club

Tag: itsligo
Date: 1998/12/01
Club Name: Institute of Technology, Sligo: Sub Aqua Club
Building: Institute of Technology, Sligo
Street: Ballinode
City: Sligo
Country: Eire
Meeting Schedule: One lecture per week, one pool session per week, dives on week-ends
Membership Fee: IRĀ£45. Including C.F.T. (Irish Underwater Council) Membership Fee.
General Information: interests: environmental science, marine biodiversity (invertebrates, vertebrates, algae); dolphins (rescue &strandings); pollution studies, aquaculture; U.W. photography
URL: http://www.itsligo.ie/rtc_ug/scuba/home.html
Contact: Dr. Bill Crowe (Diving Officer, Leading Diver C.M.A.S. *** ; Lecturer in the Department of Environmental Science)
Phone: 00353-71-55357 work; or 00353-71-45338 home
Email: itsligo@hotmail.com; crowe.bill@itsligo.ie; croweb@s4.rtc-sligo.ie

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