Dive Club Details: Designated Divers

Tag: designated
Date: 1996/01/01
Club Name: Designated Divers
Building: Scuba World, downstairs
Street: 3324 N. Illinois - Hwy 159
City: Swansea
Country: USA/Illinois
Meeting Schedule: 1st Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm
Membership Fee: $25 per year - individual, $40 per year - family
General Information: Designated Divers is a social club geared around scuba diving and related activities. Our goal is to have a good time while enjoying safe diving. Monthly meetings and activities, periodic dive trips, and a quarterly newsletter. Open to all divers and their families.
Contact: Mike Yociss
Phone: (618) 277-DIVE
Email: vknq36a@prodigy.com

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