Dive Club Details: Channel Islands Divers

Tag: cid
Date: 1997/04/29
Club Name: Channel Islands Divers
Building: Acapulco Restaraunt
Street: 725 S. Victoria Blvd.
City: Ventura
Country: USA/California
Meeting Schedule: Every Third Wednesday @ 7PM. Social Hour: 6PM-7PM
Membership Fee: $25 Single, $40 Family (up to 3 divers, $5 each additional diver) Great membership package!
General Information: This is a very active dive club with many interests. Over 90members with 50%+ meeting attendance. Lots of local beach and kayakdiving. Monthly island trips. Yearly warm water trips. BBQs and diving contests. Field trips. Camping, hiking, biking.etc...Families, non-members, and non-divers welcome!
Contact: Mark Theobald
Phone: (805)375-1992
Email: mtheobald@autoiii.com

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