Dive Club Details: TAKE TIME KAYAK DIVERS (a.k.a. The Saturday Morning Gang)

Date: 1997/04/29
Club Name: TAKE TIME KAYAK DIVERS (a.k.a. The Saturday Morning Gang)
Building: High Seas Publishing
Street: 587-F N. Ventu Park Rd. #313
City: Newbury Park
Country: USA/California
Meeting Schedule: 8AM Saturday and/or Sunday mornings at the dive site. Call (805)375-1992for dive schedule information.
Membership Fee: Your energy and enthusiasm (and dive preparedness).
General Information: We're mostly hunters and scuba-divers, with a few photographers and free-divers thrown in for good measure. Every weekend (weather permitting) you will find 5 to 10, or more, of us out off of local Ventura County and north L.A. County beaches, with our kayaks all tied together on one anchor. We'll often let the visibility choose our dive site, so look for us where the water is clearest!
URL: http://members.tripod.com/~kayakdiving/index.html
Contact: Mark Theobald (self-proclaimed dive-master and author of KAYAK DIVING - The Complete Guide....
Phone: (805) 375-1992
Email: mtheobald@autoiii.com

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