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Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 14:03:08 -0400
To: bbeskin@em*.un*.ed*
From: Capt JT <captjt@mi*.co*>
Subject: VBtech rescue clinic
Cc:, vbtech@ci*.co*,
Hi Everyone
Vbtech, under the direction of Brad Beskin will sponsor a 2 Phase free 
clinic on rescues.

  Phase 1 will cover boat rescue and will be conducted on the dive vessel 
Miss Lindsey at Owls Creek boat ramp in Va Beach, Va at 5:30 pm on Tuesday 
May 13. This session will last 2hrs and will cover boat equipment, surface 
rescues(conscious and unconscious), and procedure. There will be 3 
simulated rescues done from the boat. There are 18 available spots for 
those wishing to participate in the rescues and you must bring your mask, 
fins, and wetsuit/drysuit, snorkel is optional. There is unlimited space 
for those wishing to observe. You must sign up for these spots through Ike 
Bullock at Lynnhaven Dive Center (757-481-7949). Again, there is no cost. 
This is not a class and no C-card will be issued. This is a clinic to 
promote awareness and get you thinking "what if". I recommend that everyone 
who plans to or  already actively serves as a mate, divecon, divemaster, 
instructor, support diver, etc. attends.
Though we cannot cover every scenario that may present itself during a 
dive, it is our hope to help everyone with the basic procedures of a boat 

Phase 2 will be underwater rescues of a toxing/unconscious diver and will 
be done at Lake Rawlings  on May 24, this will also be free. There will be 
a sign up for this and participation will be again limited to 18. There 
will be unlimited space for those wishing to observe and hear the 
presentations. You must sign up through Brad Beskin  bbeskin@em*.un*.ed* 
. Those who participate in Deep or technical diving should not miss this. 
VBtech members will be present all day and the clinic will start at 9am 
with a recap of boat rescues,  a presentation of gear configuration, and 
rescue procedures for a toxing/unconscious diver. In-water drills will 
follow shortly after.  There will be no C-card issued for this and is 
designed to get everyone "thinking".  We will also be giving guided scooter 
rides for those wishing to test Gavins, Silent Submersions, Apollo, and 
Dacor scooters.

   Questions? Please email Brad Beskin off list at bbeskin@em*.un*.ed*
or call him at 757-641-3211.

"You can't learn to dive on the net, sooner or later you have to get in the 
Your Guide to Great Wreck Diving along the East Coast & more
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Email     captjt@mi*.co*

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