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From: "sergio lobo" <lobodiver@uo*.co*.br*>
To: <EspeleoLista@ya*.co*.br*>, <techdiver@aq*.co*>,
Cc: <EspeleoLista@ya*.co*.br*>
Subject: Re: [EspeleoLista] A Brazilian matter
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 23:54:00 -0200
O forum de debates, se tornando internacional! chiquérrimo! Deixa o
gringuinho falar, já que o esporte é universal, a gente vai humildemente
rindo por dentro de atitudes como a do carinha...que se acha o tal! É assim
que a gente vai conhecendo o MODUS OPERANDI, a forma de dizer que se existe
neste mundo, deixa ele falar, e quanto mais ele fala, mais mostra a
verdadeira carinha....abraços vamos debatendo como adultos, como verdadeiros
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From: Sergio Viegas <info@sa*.co*.br*>
To: <techdiver@aq*.co*>; <>
Cc: <EspeleoLista@ya*.co*.br*>
Sent: Friday, January 11, 2002 9:24 PM
Subject: [EspeleoLista] A Brazilian matter

> Before the debate about the need of guides in Brazilian cave dives gets
> of proportion, some issues must be addressed:
> 1. In Brazil, there is a public policie that tourism development should
> support local devolopment, specially if the local community is poor. So,
> investments in places with turistic potential should be conneced with the
> generation of jobs for the local community.  Since this is a national
> policy, it is impossible to aprove, in Local, State or Federal levels,
> projects that won´t contribute directly to employment generation. If you
> the need for enviromental conservation and the enviromental laws, in
> natural atractions can only be visited with a local guide. That applies
> most of the ecoturism that is done in Brazil.
> 2. In NSS/NACD textbooks and courses, one is thought to respect local
> legislation and owners property right (for example, there are many caves
> Florida that are forbidden for divers because of landowners rights...).
> Well, in
> Brazil we have a very specific legislation. The cave belongs to the Union,
> even though is located in a private owned land. So, the Union has the
> right to legislate about the usage of the cave (including the possibility
> diving or not in it). There is another legal issue in discussion - if the
> cave is owned by the Union and the owner of the land wants to explore it
> commercially, he must follow some legal rules - the "Portaria 89".
> 3. The rules permitting cave diving have just been approved. Generally,
> owner and a diving center should apply for a permission and after it is
> granted, is the sole responsable for the cave conservation. If anything
> happens in the cave (destruction, incidents or accidents), the owner and
> diving operator are legally responsable, and penalties varies from fines
> prision, depending on the offense.
> 4. The "portaria 89" should respect public policies, including the one
> ask for generation of jobs locally trough the obligation of guided dives.
> Some members of the cave
> diving community, who were participating in the discussion for the
> regulamentarion of cave diving in Brazil were against the need of the
> But, since there is the public policy and the dive operator and the land
> are legally responsible for any incidents / accidents / destruction of the
> cave, the obligation seems obvious, at least legally.
> 5. That doesn´t mean that the guide has
> to go inside the cave with each diver. If he/she is sure that the diver
> knows his/her way and has the buoyance control needed for the more
> caves, the guide can let the dive team go into the cave alone. But, if
> something happens, the guide and the landowner are legally responsable,
> since the cave exploration is a Federal concession.
> So, to resume the debate, before start writing offensive messages to the
> Brazilian Cave Diving community, one should know more about local
> and remember what he/she learn ins his/her cave diving course...
> Best Regards,
> Sergio Viegas
> Coordenador
> Secao de Espeleologia Subaquatica
> Sociedade Brasileira de Espeleologia
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