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From: "Romeu Dib" <romeudib@uo*.co*.br*>
To: "John M. Nichols" <john_m__nichols@ho*.co*>, <>,
Subject: RE: Brazilian cave diver law
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 15:16:42 -0200

	I think that you should not talk about what you don't know. I am a
brazilian cave diver, and as many others, a very experienced one. While you
dive in cristal clear shallow waters, we are exploring caves with cold
water, bad visibility and over 50 mts depth since the activity started here
seven years ago. We don't need any kind of nanny to take care of us inside
the caves, in fact I personally disagree with this mandatory guide, even
because I think that it would be very difficult to find a guide with half of
the experience that we have. But what is going on, is that we are trying to
find solutions to avoid the destruction of our caves. Sometimes these
solutions are good, other times not. But we are an independent country with
the authority to make our good and bad attempts. And our discussion is our
problem, not yours.
	Your conclusion is not right, one thing are government laws, other is
divers competence.
For your information we do have GUE instructors and they are as good as the
IANTD, TDI, NSS-CDS and NACD instructors. Here we believe in trainning,
fitness, good equipment, experience and other important subjects. We don't
waste our time discussing who has the bigger dick, as you do. We use our
time to  dive, explore and survey caves. I don't know who are your brazilian
friend, but I believe that he will not agree with your oppinion.
	The next time you decide to be funny, try to make some research before
saying stupid things.

Regards and safe dives,

Romeu Dib

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From: John M. Nichols [mailto:john_m__nichols@ho*.co*]
Sent: Sexta-feira, 11 de Janeiro de 2002 10:26
To: cavers@aq*.co*;
Subject: Brazilian cave diver law

A quick note that I forgot say:

Besides this stupid law, the price to dive in caves in Brazil are "just" $62
dolars/per cave/per day(just the dive, don't incluiding anything more)plus
the price of the cave diver guide that you should pay ( the law comand you
pay)to dive with you inside the cave. So, if you want to dive in 3 caves in
one day, you will spend only $ 186 dolars/ per day plus cave diver guide
price. Cheap,no!!!

Best regards, and dive safe (but at this time, without be stolen)johndive

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