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From: "Rodrigo Coluccini" <rodrigo@es*.ne*>
To: "John M. Nichols" <john_m__nichols@ho*.co*>, <>,
Subject: RES: Brazilian cave dive law ( Guys,look at this joke)
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 13:25:29 -0200

You and yours brazilian friends are wrong.IN ALL of this crap you wrote .

Don´t be stupid ASSHOLE (again)


-----Mensagem original-----
De: John M. Nichols [mailto:john_m__nichols@ho*.co*]
Enviada em: sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2002 03:05
Para: cavers@aq*.co*;
Assunto: Brazilian cave dive law ( Guys,look at this joke)

Hi everybody, My name’s John and I live in Pasadena-CA. I’ve been doing
scuba diving ( and cave diving ) for long time and I have some Brazilian’s
friends that live near my area and dive with me.
Yesterday I heard something that for me is a joke, but it’s not. One of the
Brazilian friend sign a Brazilian’s cave dive list, and he said me that now
they’re having a discussion with authorities of Brazilian Cave dive section
about “why” the necessity of a cave diver guide for certified cave divers to
dive in their caves (in all caves of the country).
I couldn’t understand well, but there are some guys complaining and wanting
explanations about the cave law (from Brazilian environmental agency)that
don’t allow anybody in Brazil dive in their caves without a cave diver
guide. The law prohibit not only divers, which don’t have cave
certification, dive in the lake of the cave ( if you wanna dive in the lake,
you should have a guide to dive with you), but also prohibit divers that
have cave certification (cavern, intro to cave and cave diver(include
experienced cave divers)) make their penetration in the cave without these
guides, and I’m not saying about solo dives, the law don’t allow buddy dives
without the guide.
My Brazilian friend couldn’t explain me what is the paper of this cave diver
My Brazilian’s friends and I concluded  that cave divers from Brazil are
such a incompetent, bad, and moron divers that they can’t dive by themselves
and need a “baby-sitter” to guide them inside a cave.
Imagine the situation, four guys ( include the baby-sitter) diving in a cave
hand in hand like kids in a elementary school (Oh, man!!!). Or in a worst
case, imagine if the law is here in U.S. Trey and J.J attempting other world
record in cave penetration, but at this time having a high fat slob cave
diver guide following them till the end of the cable (If it were possible),
just because a stupid law demand that they should have one.
Trey, I know that they have lots of IANTD stroke divers there ( I remember
some discussion that you had with them long time ago when a diver died
attempting deep air in a cave), but are there any GUE cave divers ? If not,
I think that you and J.J should go to Brazil and teach them the DIR
fundamentals and philosophy to these people dive better.

Best regards and dive safe ( without a cave baby-sitter guide of course
!!!!), johndive.

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