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From: "John M. Nichols" <john_m__nichols@ho*.co*>
To: cavers@aq*.co*,
Subject: Brazilian cave diver law ( Trey,look at this joke)
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 03:02:54 +0000

Hi everybody, My name�s John and I live in Pasadena-CA. I�ve been doing 
scuba diving ( and cave dive ) for long time and I have some Brazilian�s 
friends that live near my area and dive with me, Yesterday I heard something 
that for me is a joke. One  Brazilian friend sign a Brazilian�s cave dive 
list, and he said me that now they�re having a discussion about the 
necessity of a cave scuba guide for diving in their caves.
I couldn�t understand well, but there are some guys complaining and wanting 
explanations about the cave law (from Brazilian environmental agency)  that 
don�t allow anybody in Brazil dive in their caves without a cave scuba guide 
(include experienced cave divers). I�m not saying solo dives, the law don�t 
allow inclusively buddy dives. My Brazilian friend couldn�t explain me what 
is the paper of this person ( scuba guide).
I guess that Brazilian�s cave divers are such a incompetent, bad, and moron 
divers that they can�t dive by themselves and need a �baby-sitter� to
them inside a cave. Imagine the situation, four guys ( include the 
baby-sitter) diving in a cave hand in hand like kids in a elementary school 
(Oh, man!!!). Or in a worst case, imagine Trey, you and J.J attempting other 
world record in cave penetration, but at this time having a High Fat Slob 
IANTD guide following you till the end of the cable just because a stupid 
law demand that you should have one.
Trey, I know that they have some IANTD stroke divers there ( I remember some 
discussion that you had with them long time ago), but are there any GUE cave 
divers ? If not, I think that you and J.J should go to Brazil and teach them 
the DIR fundamentals and philosophy to these people dive better.

Best regards for everybody and dive safe ( without a scuba baby-sitter guide 
of course !!!!), johndive.

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