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From: "Marcin Bacik" <ociec@go*.pl*>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 20:44:15
Subject: summer job
Dear Sirs 
I'm looking for a summer job. 
I have a special permition for diving: Divemaster in PADI. 
I want to work for you from June to October. 
I will be a participant on Council Exchanges' Work and Travel USA 
Program and I will possess all the documents necessary to work 
legally (visa J1 - work visa for students). 
I was a year ago in US in Mount Rushmore and I have a SS Number. 
I have experience in working in dive club because I worked in Polish 
dive club "Oceania" for three months. "Oceania" is a big dive club 
near Kiekrz lake in Poznan. 
If you are interested in my offer or need more informacion, send me e-

Yours sincerely 
Martin from Poland 

My resume: 

Name: Marcin Bacik 
Date of Birth: 10 July 1978 
Nationality: Polish 
Address: ul. Ogrodowa 20/6 
61- 820 Poznan 
Telephone: 00 48 61 851 60 94 
Fax: 00 48 61 853 21 58 
E-mail: ociec@go*.pl* 

1993-1997: High School No 3 in Poznan (college preparatory 

1997 to present: Poznan University of Economics, Department of 
Management, specialization: Transportation and Logistics 

Summer 1999 Intensive German course in Leipzig, Germany 


July - October 2001 Work and Travel Program 
Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park 
P.O.Box 178,Keystone, SD 57751, USA 
Worked as a food attendand and office 
attendant (customers service). 

January - December 2000 “SIGMA” - managed my own business, worked 
as a real estate 

July - September 1999 Jolanta Kulig - worked in a food shop as a 
cashier, also organized sales promotions 

1997 - 2000 Organized and took part in promotional 
activities of several companies (part - time job) 

Summer 1996: Managed my own ice cream stand. Responsibilities: 
organizing tools, people, products, finance and transportation for 
my own business 

Sports: Diving, skiing, swimming, cycling, basketball 
Other: Computers, travelling, foreign languages and cultures, music 

International driver’s license 
IBM PC user (MS Office, Internet, etc) 
Fluent English and Russian, satisfactory German 

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