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Subject: Do You Need A Second Income??
Date: Sat, 10 Nov 2001 04:52:50 -0500
From: akeilhammer@ar*.co*
<div style="background-color: #FFFFEC"><div style="width: 642; height: 
859"><font face=arial,helvetica size=5 color="#0000FF"><blockquote>
<p align="left">
<br><b><font size="7">CONGRATULATIONS!!<br>
</b></font><b><font face="arial,helvetica" color="#FF0000"
Been Selected!</font><font color=#000000 face=arial,helvetica size=5>
<font color="#0000FF" size="3" face="arial,helvetica">We are looking for 
<u>SERIOUS</u> people wanting to make <u> SERIOUS</u>
<p><b><font face="arial,helvetica" color="#0000FF" size="3">How would
like to earn Full-Time Income working Part-Time?</font></b></p>
<font color="#0000FF" size="3" face="arial,helvetica">Better yet, how
would you like to do the work once and keep getting paid for your previous
<br><br>So, if you need a second income....
<font color="#FF0000" face="arial,helvetica" size="3">CHECK IT OUT!
</font><p><font color="#FF0000" size="3" face="arial,helvetica">JOIN
US FOR FREE!</font><font size="4" face="arial,helvetica" color="#FF0000"> 
</font><font color="#0000FF" face="arial,helvetica" size="3"><a 
href="http://1118109500/%69%6e%64%65%78.%68%74%6d%6c">CLICK HERE to Sign Up 
For FREE Membership!!</a>
<font color="#0000FF"><br><br>
<font color="#0000FF" size="3" face="arial,helvetica">Now you can see why we 
taking the
<font color="#FF0000" size="3" face="arial,helvetica">Internet by Storm!
<p><font face="arial,helvetica" size="3"><font color="#0000FF">It's no
why we have over 1 million members in </font><font color="#FF0000">JUST 3 
YEARS!</font><font color="#0000FF"><br><br>
What do you have to lose? Put aside your doubts and you'll be amazed like our
past skeptics! <br><br>
</font><font color="#FF0000">Please</font><font color="#0000FF"> 
</font></font> <a
color="#0000FF" face="arial,helvetica" size="3">CLICK HERE to Sign Up For FREE 
Membership!!</font><font size="4" face="arial,helvetica"></font></a>
<font size="4" face="arial,helvetica"><font color="#0000FF"> 
</font></font><font color="#FF0000" face="arial,helvetica"
is Absolutely NO OBLIGATION. You can cancel your FREE MEMBERSHIP AT ANY TIME!
</font></b><font color="#0000FF"><br><br>
<b> <i><font face="arial,helvetica" size="2" color="#000000"> This
message is 
not intended for residents in the states of CA, NC, NV, RI, TN, VA & WA. 
Screening of addresses has been done to the best of our technical ability. If 
you have received this email in error, or do not wish to receive any future 
emails pertaining to this topic</font><font face="arial,helvetica"
</font><font face="arial,helvetica" size="2" color="red"><a 
face="arial,helvetica" size="2" color="#808080">.
</font><font face="arial,helvetica" size="2" color="#000000"> A REMOVE 
address to be permanently removed from our list has been provided at no cost 
to you. Mail bombing, hacking, or any interference with this REMOVE address 
will result in our inability to process remove requests. Please allow others 
that wish to be removed the ability to do so.  Simply type remove in the 
subject line and press send. Please allow 24-48 hours for your request to be 
processed. We honor all removal requests. <center>  We honor ALL REMOVE 
REQUESTS. Thank you!  </center></b</font>
<br><br><center><font size="2"> Please type remove in the subject
line and 
allow 48 hours for your request to be processed.

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