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From: Peter Fjelsten <fjelsten@ma*.do*.dk*>
Subject: Re: [cavers] Whats new?
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 20:24:00 +0200
Den 15-09-2001 19:44 skrev Kevin Farrar (At 15-09-2001 19:44 Kevin Farrar 
>It's been a long hot summer and without the list I feel as if I've been out of 
>it for a while.  Aside from the terrible events of earlier this week what has 
>been happening in caveland?

Er, Reinhard Buchaly and Michael Waldbrenner have set a new European 
penetration record in the Doux de Coly (France). The attempt involved double 
Halcyon RB80 rebreathers, a 10+ man support team from 5 countries and 100% DIR 

Read more at <>.

Thanks for getting the list up and running again, Ken.
Peter Fjelsten
Doing It Right dykning i Skandinavien

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