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Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 09:43:25 -0400
From: "Nolte, Jeffrey Scott" <jeff_nolte@me*.co*>
Subject: gear for sale
To: "'techdiver@aq*.co*'" <techdiver@aq*.co*>,
For sale:
OMS double 98cf LP steel tanks; Scubapro Iso manifold; 98 hydro; VIP just
expired - $625/BO

Oceanic Delta III - 2x to sell; new condition - used twice; DX2 first stage
and adjutable second stage - $250/BO

tank pressure checker - $25

box of 1/4" sisal line; approx 300' - $15

Buyer pays shipping.  Prefer to arrange pick-up for tanks.


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