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Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 09:13:52 -0400
From: Jeff Nolte <jeff_nolte@me*.co*>
Subject: Equipment for sale
To: cavers@aq*.co*,, jeff_nolte@me*.co*
I have the following equipment for sale.  All is in very good condition
and has been well maintained.  Prices are negotiable.  I prefer to not
ship the double tanks, so pick-up will be your responsibility.

Twin 98cf OMS tanks w/Scubapro Iso manifold - 98 hydro, O2 clean, great
condition - $650/BO

Al40 - O2 bottle, brand new, Sherwood valve - $125

Harvey's drysuit - normal wear and tear, good zipper, new latex seals,
size large (I am 6' tall and 200lbs.) - $300/BO

2x Oceanic Delta 3 regulators - brand new, used 2x in salt water - $275

Wings - Dive Rite classics; 65lbs. of lift, good condition - $150/BO

SS backplate - polished to mirror finish, awesome piece, fully rigged -

Shipping costs are on the buyer.  Package deals are possible.  Let me
know if you're interested.


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