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Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 20:24:17 -0400
From: fred berg <firstattempt@ea*.ne*>


We need your help!  The N.A.C.D. National Association for Cave Diving is
organizing another clean-up of the Telford Springs area.  The Second
Annual Clean-Up will take place on Saturday, May 5th. 10:00 - whenever
itÂ’s clean.

 We are encouraging everyone from the local community as well as the
diving community to attend.  At last years clean-up we collected over
200 bags, 3000 pounds of garbage.  The N.A.C.D. has contracted with
Rural Garbage Collection of Live Oak, which has been removing the
garbage on a weekly basis.  The good news is that we have made such an
impact at Telford Springs because of our efforts throughout the past
year that there is not as much of a huge mess to clean up.

 Did you know that the N.A.C.D. won a cash award for our efforts last
year?  We took before and after photographs of the spring and the
surrounding area.  The Keep Florida Beautiful Organization awarded us
third prize among all of the other statewide clean-ups that took place
last spring.

 A suggestion has been made that we attempt to clean up the sand road
from 180th Trace all the way down to the river.  If enough volunteers
show up we will do just that.

Bring your own picnic lunch and we will supply the beverages.  There
will be diver related prizes and a special "blind" auction to raise
money for the continued garbage removal at Telford Springs.

For those of you who are planning to come from out of town and would
like to do some diving over the weekend please feel free to contact me
to ask about the cave conditions.  Telford has just started to flow
again and I am hopeful that it will clear up by May 5th.

 I would like to encourage all Cave Diving Instructors to bring their
students to this important function.  Helping to promote springs
conservation at an early stage will make a huge difference in the future
conditions of our springs!

For more information on how you can contribute please call me in Live
Oak 904-362-6175 or e-mail FIRSTATTEMPT@EA*.NE*

Carol Berg
N.A.C.D. Springs Conservation Committee

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