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From: Anwen Aspden <anwen.aspden@bb*.co*.uk*>
To: "''" <>
Subject: Extreme Lives: Live Chat with Cave Diver Gavin Newman
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 13:08:40 -0000

Apologies for the short-notice, but I thought I'd contact you to let you
know that there will be a live chat with cavediver Gavin Newman following
the Extreme Lives documentary on BBC1 (23.15-00.55hrs GMT) tonight.

The chat can be accessed immediately after the broadcast (23.55-00.55hrs
GMT) via

It would be wonderful if you could pass this information onto interested
parties, even though I do understand completely that the time-limit is
against us!


This e-mail, and any attachment, is confidential. If you have received
it in error, please delete it from your system, do not use or disclose
the information in any way, and notify me immediately. The contents of
this message may contain personal views which are not the views of the
BBC, unless specifically stated.

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